I discovered SAGA few months ago thanks to a friend and it easily conquered my heart. I love history and medieval history is one of my favorite ages, so what else I can ask to a game.

I decided for Scots, without any doubt: it's a matter of feeling, I always play Scots in other game, I'm Scot inside, I love Scotland, do I need other motivations? Naaaa.

Here we are, and here you can take a look of my Scots War band. I decided to paint them in tartans, even if I know that tartans came later, but hey... they're Scots from the Highland! Tartan is Mandatory!!

After my last travel in the Highland I decided to run men from the clan MacDonald. I heard the story and the song and saw and visited the valley of Glencoe. I'm used to take the part of the "looser" in heroic story, so what better than the heirs of the noble MacDonald?

Here is my Lord, both on foot and riding a horse:

Here there are it's most loyal warriors, his house guard: his Heartguards. I painted 10 models on foot and 4 on horses, so I can deploy them in every configurations and I can face almost all situations.

And here we have three warriors units, all in their tartans. I decided to have one figures per squad equipped with a different weapon, to use as a leader, even if there is no rules for it in SAGA.

And last, but not the least my levies, someone understimate their utility, but in most mission, and especially against shooting and mounted army they're more than useful as a human shield for your best troop. Yes, probably they'll die quickly, but who cares, they're slave in the end!


Here few pictures of my new jobs:

Irish lord, Curiadhs and dogs, My Strathclyde ladw of war and Ragnar of my vikings... the last two army the last two are still WIP...

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