I was a Chaos player since the beginning of my game experience. I played World Eaters, Iron Warriors and Death Guard. When I come back to the game I chose to dedicate myself to Nurgle again, and here you can see some of my job. Not all of my Death Guard, more picture will follow soon.

This is Mabrothrax, my lord and psyker. Usually I run him as Typhus. Or a lord with Power Fist and Lightning Claw (the Scythe)

This is my first squad of Plague Marines. I used the old metal models, some conversion here and there.

Second squad, I converted standard marines using Green Stuff and shape them as a FW conversion kit.

Third Squad, The same as above.

The Land Rider. First I used it for the third Squad and Mabrothrax, but now I'm thinking to field it with Terminators

Two squads of Obliterators. Now that they have MoN are much better than before.

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